PhD : Awarded: 12, Submitted: 2, In-Progress: 3

MTech/M.Sc: Awarded: 39, Submitted: 0, In-Progress: 0

Name Title Year Co-Supervisor Status Year End
Sonu Kumar Singh Application of Construction 4.0 for Sustainable Habitats In-Progress 2025
Astha Sharma Comprehensive rheology based thixotropic fluid flow model for cement-based composites In-Progress 2024
Sanchit Gupta Technical Performance Optimization of Sustainable Construction Products In-Progress 2023
Pooja Jain Utilization of fine micron size waste of vitrified porcelain stoneware tiles for sustainable and durable concrete 2022 Dr. Rajesh Gupta Submitted 2022
Akshay Thakare Performance assessment of rubberised self-compacting concrete 2022 Submitted 2022
Sumit Choudhary Strength, durability, ductility and microstructure investigation of functionally graded concrete containing rubber fiber as replacement of fine aggregate 2022 Dr. Rajesh Gupta Awarded 2022
Vivek Gutpa Industrial scale waste utilisation in unfired bricks 2021 Awarded 2021
Abhishek Jain Sustainable production of self-compacting concrete utilizing fly ash and granite waste 2021 Dr. Rajesh Gupta Awarded 2021
Ankit Bhardwaj Investigations into behaviour of adhesive bonded steel-concrete composite flexural members 2020 Prof. V. Matasagar; Prof. A. K. Nagpal Awarded 2020
Salman Siddique Utilisation of bone china ceramic waste as fine aggregate in sustainable concrete 2018 Dr. S. Shrivastava Awarded 2018
Pankaj Kumar Performance evaluation of mechanically connected and adhesive bonded steel-concrete composite connections 2018 Dr. Amar Kumar Patnaik Awarded 2018
Salmabanu Luhar Performance evaluation of rubberised geopolymer concrete and flyash based geopolymer mortar 2017 Awarded 2017
M. P. Ramnavas Development of computational techniques for service load analysis of steel-concrete composite structures. 2016 Prof. A. K. Nagpal Awarded 2016
Trilok Gupta Strength, durability, ductility and fire performance of concrete containing waste rubber tyre ash and rubber fibers as partial replacement of fine aggregates 2016 Prof. R. K. Sharma Awarded 2016
Kashyap A. Patel Development of computationally efficient techniques for instantaneous and time-dependent analysis of reinforced concrete beams and frames at service load 2016 Prof. A. K. Nagpal Awarded 2016
S.A.A. Naqvi Experimental and numerical studies for the behaviour of interlocking block masonry 2013 Awarded 2013
Bhavna Tripathi Durability of concrete containing ISF slag as partial replacement of sand. 2012 Awarded 2012

Name Title Year Co-Supervisor Status Year End
Chetan Shakti Pandey Raman Spectroscopic Study of Building Construction Materials 2022 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Awarded 2022
Eli Pradeep Finite element simulations of Nanoindentation on FCC single crystals 2022 Dr. Indrasen Singh Awarded 2022
Bagle Sushil Sukalal Structural health monitoring of Railway Bridge 2022 Dr. Pavan Kumar Kankar Awarded 2022
Anurag Singh Chauhan Assessment of Corrosion Behaviour of Stainless Steel Reinforced Bar in Concrete 2021 Dr. Vinod Kumar Awarded 2021
Inderjeet Singh Choudhary Feasibility of use of sludge from settling tank of bisalpur water treatment plant as partial replacement of fine aggregate in concrete 2017 Prof. A. B. Gupta Awarded 2017
Ram Swaroop Mandolia Effect of different hydrophobic treatments on properties of recycled aggregate concrete. 2017 Awarded 2017
Ashutosh Gupta Numerical analysis of steel-concrete composite girder under cyclic loading 2017 Awarded 2017
Suman Choudhary Strength and durability studies of alkali-activated fly ash based geopolymer mortar 2016 Awarded 2016
Rahul Karwasra Effect of position of singly reinforcement layer in steel-concrete composite section 2016 Awarded 2016
Jayesh Kr. Teli Effect of position of double reinforcement layer on composite sections 2016 Awarded 2016
Sunil Kr. Pradhan Flood risk assessment using MATLAB fuzzy logic model 2015 Awarded 2015
Pradeep Kumar Effect of concrete strength on behaviour of mechanical connection in steel concrete composite 2015 Awarded 2015
Nawal Kr. Dwivedi Effect of reinforcement detailing on shear connection in steel-concrete composite structures 2015 Awarded 2015
Minhaj Majeed Cost optimisation of flexibly connected composite beams 2014 Awarded 2014
Ashish Garg Study on behaviour of recycled coarse concrete aggregates in addition with cast iron/mild steel powder in concrete 2013 Awarded 2013
Pankaj Kumar Experimental investigations for shear bond strength of steel and concrete bonded by epoxy 2013 Awarded 2013
Rupesh Ramesh Gawas Optimisation of simply supported composite beams using genetic algorithm technique 2013 Awarded 2013
Bhawnesh Kuldeep Effect of skewness on three span reinforced concrete t girder bridges 2013 Prof. R. Nagar Awarded 2013
Vimal Kumar Finite element analysis of traditional and interlocking masonry 2012 Prof. R. Nagar Awarded 2012
Durgesh Nandini Bairwa Comparative study of space structural forms under gravity and lateral loads 2012 Prof. R. Nagar Awarded 2012
Gaurav Saraswat Prediction of ultimate shear strength of reinforced concrete beams using artificial neural networks 2010 Awarded 2010
Indra P. Choudhary 3-d finite element study of bonded and mechanically connected steel-concrete composite beams by 3-dimensional finite element modelling 2010 Awarded 2010
Suchindra Silayach Behaviour of graphite/epoxy laminates subjected to low velocity transverse impact. 2009 Awarded 2009
Kashyap Patel Nonlinear behaviour of steel-concrete composite frames. 2009 Awarded 2009
Addisu Shewarega Development of hybrid analytical numerical procedure for service load analysis of composite frames and beams using step-by-step method for modeling of time dependent effects of creep and shrinkage phenomena 2009 Prof. A. K. Nagpal Awarded 2009
Ashish Yadav Development of neural networks for prediction of deflection of composite frame considering non-linearities-flexibility of shear connection, cracking of concrete and yielding of steel. 2009 Prof. A. K. Nagpal Awarded 2009
Kasi Viswanath Development of neural networks for prediction of deflection of composite bridges considering non-linearities-flexibility of shear connection, cracking of concrete and yielding of steel 2009 Prof. A. K. Nagpal Awarded 2009
Sunil Kumar Behaviour of tall composite building frames considering cracking of concrete, creep and shrinkage subjected to service load. 2009 Prof. A. K. Nagpal Awarded 2009
Lalit Kr. Varshney Control of cracking, creep and shrinkage effects in steel concrete composite frames. 2009 Prof. A. K. Nagpal Awarded 2009
Amit Kr. Garg Behaviour of steel concrete composite frames. 2008 Awarded 2008
Deepak Gaur Computer aided design of footings 2005 Awarded 2005
Neeraj Gupta Castellated beam- analysis and design 2005 Awarded 2005
Pawan Singhania Reinforced block masonry 2005 Awarded 2005
Kapil Sarawagi Cost comparison of multistoreyed buildings in earthquake zones 2005 Awarded 2005
Pramiti Tiwari Computer aided design of composite tee beam bridge 2001 Dr. M. K. Shrimali Awarded 2001
Rajesh Poonia Study of various methods of concrete mix design 2001 Awarded 2001
Sudhir Verma Study of soil classification systems 2001 Awarded 2001
Ajay Saxena Risk and safety margins in structural design 2000 Awarded 2000
Rijuta Gupta Feasibility of use of silt from storm water drain as partial replacement of fine aggregate in concrete 2017 Prof. A. B. Gupta Awarded 0